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Tour Guides in India

India is a vast country offering innumerable holiday destinations in the nukes and corners of various states. It is an experience in self to explore the exact flavour of Indian soil in its most earthen form. This nation, hence, is undeniably, one of the most promising tourist destinations of the world. It is a magical land that reverberates with rich history and glows with a promise for tomorrow. The magnificent monuments, rich colourful history, cultural treasures and heritage temples of India are quite overwhelming while one is on an expedition to India.

Importance of a Tour Guide

One of the important factors for a successful tour to India is to choose the right tour guide. You can choose from hundreds of tour guides in

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India but only few select ones can make your trip so special that your vacation becomes a memory to cherish for a long time. Most of them are really friendly, yet, exceptional assistance, warm hospitality, excellent knowledge about the location make some of them stand out and make a trip worth.

If you are the one planning a holiday to discover India, you would definitely be willing to visit the locations those are popular for that given region. But, if you do not have much information about the area, you would need a tour guide to direct you along the way. So what if you would have to pay to receive a tour guide’s services, but it would certainly help to have someone who knows the place, the roads and the streets around the area, the local language of the place, historical significance of the monuments, and the essence of each tourist attraction. Well, these all is what a tour guide is trained for. Usually, the tour guides in India are appointed locales who know the beautiful hidden treasures in and out.

Finding the Perfect Tour Guide

Finding the right guide to make your holiday a pleasant one is not all that difficult. You just need to make sure that you do a perfect job when you look out for one.

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Contact a Reliable Travel Agency

The best way to find a travel guide is by contacting a renowned travel agency local to the area, as they would have plenty of guides working under them. They would be able to set you up with someone based on what you would like to see and do as each guide would probably be focused on a particular kind of touring experience. Tour operators in India offer different tour packages including beach tours, cultural tours, adventure tours, festival holidays, backwater tours, heritage tours, wildlife tours, religious tours and even Ayurvedic and rejuvenation tours. Make sure you mention the nature of your holiday and the purpose of visit to the local places so that they can offer you the right tour guide.

It is always good to check out if the travel agency is accredited with various international and national distinguished bodies in travel and tourism industry. This will strengthen your faith in their services.

Government Run Tourist Locations

Many places worth a visit in various states of India are still under government management. The managing tourism department always makes a provision of hiring tour guides from local tourism offices.

Visit Tour Guide Websites

There are plenty of websites that are set up specifically by tour guides of the particular areas so that you can find them easily. If you know your destination all you need to do is Google your place plus tour guide and you would find a long list of possibilities. Choose the one that has a long history of being in business. But, make sure that you schedule an appointment with your tour guide well in advance as they tend to get really busy during the peak holiday seasons.

Ask Your Friends

It's very likely that a few of your friends have travelled to the same destination and used the services of a tour guide. If that's the case, it is all the easier. All you would need to do is ask them which touring agency they used and there you are! Hire your tour guide from there.

One thing to look out for when hiring a tour guide is their credentials. Check all the permits and papers. Make sure that they are actually guides and not someone just looking for a chance to rob you of your money.

A good tour guide knows how to gratify a tourist and that is what makes him stand apart. It is important to research and choose a good tour guide in India if you want to explore this magical land in a unique, hassle-free manner. You must hire a tour guide who can make each and every moment of your visit worth every penny. 

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