Tuesday, 22 July 2014

LGBT Tours in India: A Land That Welcomes All With Equaled Compassion

India, the beautiful land of art, culture and historic splendor is a generous country that has a lot to offer to all kind of visitors. Each and every type of holiday maker wishes to capture the earthy magic of this part of the planet once in a lifetime. So does the LGBT community. As such gays are considered to be quite compassionate and that gives them all the more reasons to visit India and experience the warmth and passion, which it holds in its offerings.

From snowcapped Himalayas to bright sunny beaches, from breathtaking historical monuments to traditional bazaars, every corner seems inviting. LGBT tours in India include an assortment of opportunities from thrilling adventure to calming rejuvenation. India is known for its unique focus towards spirituality and natural healing techniques, therefore, a gay vacation makes all the more sense for those who are looking for peaceful surroundings to spend some time in solitude and attain clarity on priorities. Being at such spiritually focused vacation joints reawakens the spiritual centre and facilitates a connection with self and loved ones.

The multidimensional characteristics of the country also allocate promising LGBT tours that emphasize on exploring the sacred, pre-historical and culturally inclined sites to enhance the devout senses. Trekking through unscathed backwoods, strolling in traditional bazaars, window shopping in high-end boutiques, learning the life in rural villages by spending good amount of time with the natives and guilt free indulging in lip-smacking local cuisines, everything is a gratifying activity in itself and revives the individual completely.

Yet, it is not easy to find a noticeable LGBT community in India even in the most modern areas. Reason is the latest Supreme Court ruling where they imposed Section 377 of Indian Penal Code and reinforced 148-year-old law still on the books from when India was a British colony. This antiquated law prohibits "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" and includes same-sex intercourse, as well as some heterosexual sexual acts. Delhi Highcourt tried to overturn the law in 2009 and decriminalized same-sex relations. But the ruling was negated by Supreme Court on 11.12.13.

Many LGBT and Human Rights Activists groups are trying to fight against the ruling and rectify it, but those who look for LGBT tours in India must be aware of the facts. There are many LGBT people residing in the country and they do have some common gathering places and frequently cruised areas like other countries. With progressive thinking and liberal attitudes of the modern society towards gay relations, India is becoming a promising place for an astounding gay travel.

LGBT travelers usually report no issues during their holidays in India. Yes of course, one way to ensure that your India gay vacation in the place is a rewarding, secure and becomes a remarkable trip to remember is to approach a trustworthy, well-established travel company, which holds sound experience in organizing exceptional trips and LGBT tours across the nation.

Opting to travel in India with a LGBT tour group is an admirable way to ensure calming pleasure. You have the ample prospect to enjoy India's most fascinating tourist places, invigorate the spirits at sacrosanct temples and experience life-altering moments during this outstanding travel.

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