Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pushkar Camel Fair: The Rendezvous of a Kind

Rajasthan is a beautiful land of color and culture. The air in the state feels so different and unique that one can actually breathe life in this enchanting land of. Pushkar, a sacred town of Rajasthan adds to all the vibrancy and invites the visitors for some authentically exceptional experiences. One of them is Pushkar Camel Fair; the biggest and most awaited cattle fair across the world.

Pushkar stands right in the middle of golden sandy desert. A drowsy yet charismatic little place in the city of Ajmer, Pushkar defines the truest Rajasthani flavors. It is also the home to only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in India. As per a mythological tale, they say that Lord Brahma was roaming around in search for a pious place to perform a holy ritual. While passing throw this town a lotus fell from his hand on the earth. Where it touched the ground, holy water sprouted form that place and soon it took shape of a lake. This is what makes Pushkar a pilgrimage town for Hindus across the nation.

Coming to the Pushkar Camel Fair, one has to agree that it is one of the grandest and most magnificent events one can experience in a lifetime. It is held every year on the occasion of Kartik Purnima (new moon day). On this day Pushkar seems like a bee hive swarmed with people from all the possible directions. Tourists, culture enthusiasts, photographers, cattle traders from all over north-west India reach the town during this fair. Traders find it the most appropriate opportunity to negotiate lucrative deals for their prized cattle like camels, horses, coes, goats and sheep. The able government of Rajasthan has a major role to play in the organization of this event which bring hoard of business opportunities for the natives and outside traders alike. The total population of 15,000 in Pushkar swells to approximately 2, 00,000 only for this fair. One can easily imagine the magic of the event that casts a spell on all.

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This event cannot be concluded as a cattle trading affair. It has a brighter side to it too, which is brimming with colors, music, dance and hilarity. It comes across as a huge cultural phenomenon during those hours of vivacious activity across the town. Atmosphere comes alive with colorfully dressed devotees, live musicians, magical acrobats, splendid folk dancers and laughing comedians. This is the reason Pushkar Camel Fair has transformed into a major tourist attraction for the national and international visitors. They all hop in to relish the flavor of Rajasthan during this fair. Rajasthani cuisine is free flowing during the celebrations and it becomes a paradise for the foodies to savor every bit of the offerings.

Vibrant bazaars, foot tapping folk music, finger licking food and camel sports add on to the liveliness of the event.

On the last day of the fair, people make it a point to visit the bathing Ghats and take a holy dip while they chant religious mantras to please their gods. During the dusk, thousands of beautiful earthen lamps are lighted and floated in leaf boats in the placid Pushkar Lake. This is a picturesque sight not to be missed which commemorates the end of the Pushkar Camel Fair.

Once in a life time experience, Pushkar Camel Fair will surely enliven all your senses.

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